Ah, the Von Bondies. They are no more, but they were one of my favorite bands of all time. Let Jason Stollsteimer tell it, the Von Bondies were a solo project with a revolving door cast of nameless backing musicians who contributed nothing and only had to be there cos Jason couldn’t pull a Prince over an entire decade, three albums, an EP and countless live shows. Ya know how the Foo Fighters self-titled debut is nothing but Dave Grohl on every instrument, every vocal, every lyric, every melody? Kinda like that.

So yeah, basically a planet-sized ego.

Doesn’t matter though, because this dude and the people who aided and abetted him along the way made the most UNBELIEVABLY F*CKING AWESOME MUSIC. I’ve got many favorite artists, but not for all of them can I say that I love every single song on every single release and enjoy them all equally, front to back, with no skippage. All killer, no filler.

This shirt is one of my perennials, even for work, which is where I was heading when I took these pictures. Slap a blazer and some heels on me and I will roll up in all manner of finery-purchased-at-merch-table.

Googling the date of the show where I bought this shirt, I found that it was May 22, 2008 at the Casbah, and Transfer opened for them. So that’s how I discovered Transfer! I have often wondered how I got into them, since I became such a rabid fan so instantly. But I was drunk then, so I couldn’t remember. Now I do! It was the Von Bondies show! Shazam! Another reason to thank Jason Stollsteimer for simply BEING GREAT!

Pants, Worthington, $17 on sale at JC Penney. Jacket, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, old as the hills. “Lefty” peep-toe pumps by Betsey Johnson, $93 on Smartbargains in 2007.

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